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A very long day

Oh man, today has been a long day. All we wanted to do was get to Animal Crossing and see our new home expansion and check out Nook's Cranny and see if any of the people we invited to the island were coming yet. Nevertheless, we had much more important things to take care of.

First we called the vet to make an appointment for Page. The first opening was at four, which was perfect, because that gives us just about enough time to get our regular work done. And we did manage to meet our quota...we think. There may be extenuating circumstances, but we had to email an editor and it was too late to get a response. Anyway, we got all the most important work done.

Then it was time to go to the vet, and this is where it got stressful. After checking Page over, the doctor called me in and told me her fever was higher than last time, and she was jaundiced. I mean, that's the kind of thing we could have noticed ourselves, but we didn't. I think it's because we already knew she was wasting away, so we didn't want to dwell too much on the details of her appearance. Also, the lighting in our apartment is often kind of yellow anyway. The point is, since she hasn't been eating and now her liver is unhappy, there's a good chance she could be in serious trouble, so we need to take her to the Specialist.

Specialist means two things in my mind: probably a scary diagnosis and definitely a high bill. Nevertheless, we're worried about our poor kitty and we want the best for her and we're also optimistic, so we took her to the specialist. We had to wait outside while the doctor looked her over, as usual, and eventually she called us to let me know her recommendations. She wanted to do more blood work, Page needs to be hospitalized with antibiotics and anti-emetics, they want to do a biopsy...and I think that was it. And of course it came with the warning that her liver may already be failing in which case there would be nothing she could do.

Next we had to wait for the phone call with the price estimate. Instead, we got another call from the doctor, who was like, "Actually, would you mind if I did the blood work first? Because that might change my treatment suggestions." And we were like of course, go ahead! And since we were doing everything over the phone and hospitalization was going to be a thing eiher way, we went home.

I should point out that our friends Brother and Sister D., who drove us everywhere during this whole ordeal. They're the best.

At home, we were able to have proper breakdowns and release some stress. We finally got to turn on Animal Crossing, but it was full of interruptions, so not as relaxing as we'd hoped. But! one of the first interruptions was from the doctor. Once again, the abnormalities were pretty much what you'd expect from a cat who hadn't eaten in a month, but she recommends sending it to the pathologist, which I'm all for, because (and I could be wildly incorrect on this) in my mind a pathologist is someone who checks to see if you have any diseases, like maybe bacteria or viruses, and since we didn't see anything wrong the first time we brought her in, that seems like the most likely culprit in my mind. Especially with the fever.

The even better news is that all the values they look for in regards to the liver seemed normal. ...Or as normal as they could be under the circumstances. The point is, her liver has not failed yet, so there's a higher chance of recovery. That took a lot of stress off.

Then the stress came crashing back down when they got back to us with the estimate. All we can say about that is it's a good thing we still have a Care Credit account. I'm trying to decide if we should try doing a GoFundMe. Either way, I'm confident we'll be able to pay it off eventually, and it really does sound like Page has a good chance and is in good hands. So now we just hope that she doesn't come back diagnosed with something that will be a chronic, expensive thing to take care of. The whole ordeal kind of reminds us of when Oreo was having a lot of trouble, and they had to hospitalize him, and they kept doing tests and not finding anything, and then they were like, "How about exploratory surgery?" We had to draw the line there because the cost was even more prohibitive. But dang, what is up with our cats that they keep going through these inexplicable anorexic periods?

And all of it went on so long and was so exhausting that we opted not to watch Miraculous tonight, because we knew we didn't have the energy to enjoy it. Hopefully a good night's sleep will give us the energy to get our work done tomorrow so we can finally have a relaxing stint of Animal Crossing.

Today I'm thankful for all the kind veterinary people we dealt with today (our regular doctor didn't even charge for the visit), our friends who drove us all over town on a moment's notice, Page being in more capable hands than our own right now, the hummingbird and the dove that we saw when waiting at various pet care places, and it being time to go to bed.
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