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Last week, our nephew called and we ended up playing Pokemon all day instead of being productive. This week, we started out playing Animal Crossing, then we did chores!! Our apartment is now clean! Cleaner. It's not actually clean. I'm sorry.

After the chores, we noticed someone from our other sister's household was playing Animal Crossing, so we texted her and asked if we could visit her island. That turned out to be waaaaay more complicated than normal, but after a while, we got it all worked out. It was especially tricky, because it's our sister who's account can connect to the internet, but Gilderoy wanted to be the one playing with us. Many things were tried to see if this could be accomplished without getting him a Nintendo account, and in the end, he played his mother's account, after changing her character's look to look like him.

And so we went to Gilderoy's island. It was an interesting experience, playing Animal Crossing with a six-year-old. He wanted us to follow him everywhere, which was tricky because we don't have a ladder yet. Athena has an ocarina and his mom's character has a pan flute, so Athena and Gilderoy would play together, and then he'd be like, "Okay, only me!" and then he'd be like, "You can play now!" but he would still be playing. Athena did get one solo eventually.

He also liked pulling out his net and whacking Athena with it. But it wasn't one-sided. At one point he asked her (we had them on the phone while this was all going on...maybe I should have mentioned that earlier) if she wanted to pull out her net or ax and hit him with it. I mean, of course as soon as he started whacking her with his net, she started whacking him back, but this time he asked if she wanted to initiate it, I guess. He wanted to show off his surprised reaction. We still haven't gotten any animations, so that's something we're going to have to figure out.

After that, it was nice and relaxing to get back to our own island with all our own stuff to do. He's a cute kid, though. We also went to Mom's island and caught a bug she hadn't caught yet. We tried to leave it out so she could have it, but that wasn't an option, alas.

We ended up playing an hour past our usual quitting time, but that's just life sometimes.

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend a lot of time playing Animal Crossing, having a cleaner apartment, getting to visit Gilderoy's (mom's) island, the yummy cake we had for a snack, and the yummy cake we had for dinner (our most recent grocery options didn't allow for our usual dinner routine, but we're making do).
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