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Digging the island life

We met our work quota today, and even surpassed it! Huzzah! We may not be super duper crunched next week after all. But of course we can't count our chickens yet. We actually haven't quite set our work quotas to meet all four of our deadlines... But we'll figure it out.

Nevertheless, it's Friday, and we decided to call it quits and get to the video games! Animal Crossing is kind of astounding in how it seems easy to get to a point where you're like, "Okay, well, there's not much else I can do today," and then somehow you ended up playing for another two hours. But the most astounding thing is that we started going out to other islands, and we met a character named Aurora! We already knew that Blathers has a sister named Celeste. If they have a Sarah, that's all our sisters! But if they don't, it still makes sense, because Aurora and Celeste were always the ones competing for the most attention. Anyway, we invited Aurora to live on our island, so now they'll both be there! It's kind of exciting, but also feels kind of weird.

We also visited lyschan's island, and it was so beautiful! She plants flowers everywhere! We're kind of intimidated by the idea of planting flowers, although we're not quite sure why. Maybe because, since there are other residents and stuff, we feel like it's not exactly our place to landscape the entire island, and there's only so much space around our house. Maybe we'll get over it someday. In the meantime, we're very glad that we can put things in storage now that we have a house instead of a tent.

Today I'm thankful for surpassing our work quota, getting to play lots of video games, getting to visit a bunch of other islands, having more people to send postcards to (not that we have a lot to say, just that we love the concept), and getting to sleep in tomorrow.

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