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Crossing Animals

Today we finally got a big chunk of time to play Animal Crossing! Tadah! Our favorite thing to do is collect all the materials and then make DIY projects, but then we have nowhere to keep everything! (Our house won't be built until tomorrow.) So it kind of has the same frustration as real life: hey, look I got this cool new thing! ...but I don't have anywhere to put it. Why must our video games come with the same dismal problems as real life!? So much for an island paradise.

Anyway. Naturally this long stint of Animal Crossing came at the expense of getting more work done. We're actually making pretty good progress; we just never know if it's good enough. So for tomorrow we have set very clear rules to determine how much we work next week. If we finish editing at least half of a volume of Saiyuki, we'll be okay to continue at the regular pace. If not, it's time to sacrifice game time. We're hoping for the best!

Today I'm thankful for having a lot of time to play Animal Crossing, finishing our work quota for today without any trouble, catching a frog in the little pond on our island, finally getting all the shells to make a shell wreath, and also having a cute little shell pochette.
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