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I guess the homeschooling thing has officially ended for our nephews, because Grawp keeps calling early in the day. In fact, when we got a call just before noon, he said, "You finally answered!" It was his fifth time trying to reach us. Eh heh heh... It's pretty nice, actually, except for the fact that we ended up playing Pokemon for like two and a half hours instead of getting our work done. Escapist? Us? Nah...

We did make sure to meet our minimum quota for the day anyway. Fortunately, Saiyuki is in fact being kind in the text density department. We'll see how things go with the edit later... And we'll have to be more disciplined going forward.

In the meantime, we did also make time to play Animal Crossing, which is slightly justified because Tuesday is when we make our weekly phone call to Mother, and most of our playing happened at the same time as that. In fact, when we told her we were playing it, she turned on her game and then we went to visit her island and see her museum and all the stuff Grawp added and etc.

But the point is, flying off to a deserted island sounds really nice about now.

Today I'm thankful for a nephew-sponsored respite, Saiyuki being easy to make first drafts of, manga series where the author is not afraid to use an abundance of exclamation points, getting to play a little bit of Animal Crossing (we were very excited to catch a firefly!), and getting to watch two really good episodes of Miraculous.
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