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Terrible time management

We actually thought our schedule was pretty doable. I mean, with three books in two weeks, it could be a little tight, but Saiyuki can be pretty light on text, so as long as it doesn't get too technical with the language, three books in two weeks should be perfectly reasonable.

But then. We got an email from an editor from a different publisher, asking if we could fit a book in by the 12th. Normally, that would be easy-peasy, but, as previously explained, we already have three books to do in that time. We said we thiiiink we can do it, and we'll try! And our editor is so kind, he said well, it's the last volume of the series, so we probably don't want to rush it. And he gave us four more now it's not due until the day after all the Saiyuki books. Ha, ha, ha.

After that, we have a Fire Force, and Fire Force is prone to long scientific explanations...which, come to think of it, are not usually the hardest thing to translate in that series. And since we only have a week for it, it's not a good idea to try to fit something else in. We explained all this to our editor, including that if we really wanted to not rush this other translation at all, it would have to wait until the end of the month, and we figured that might be a little too long.

So! since Saiyuki can be very agreeable sometimes, and this other series is usually mostly agreeable (although sometimes... (but the focus shouldn't be on the troublesome character)), we're going to still try to get it done by the original deadline! Four books in two weeks! Boom! We've done it before and we can do it again!

...And then we spent the day slacking off. Not entirely. We did two simulpubs, and one of them is our hardest one! Thankfully, it turned out to be an easier chapter this month, because right before we broke for lunch, our nephew called. So we ended up playing Pokemon with Grawp, and then it was his brother's turn for the Switch, and he was all, "Aunt Athena, can you play Kirby Clash with me?" and how can we say no to that? (Darn those free Switch games!) Then after just one battle, Grawp was all, "Can I have a turn?" and Hagger was like, "Okay!" and we're like, "..." So then Grawp did a battle with Athena, and then he started to do another battle, and we were like, "Isn't it Hagger's turn with the Switch?" and he was like, "Can you do First Contact Team?" (or whatever the boss was called), and we were like, "Grawp." and he was like, "Hagger, do you want to do this battle with Aunt Athena?" It was very cute, and we're glad it went amicably.

And then we told them we had to get back to work. I still feel like Hagger gets the short end of the stick, but fortunately, he doesn't seem to notice that much. And we couldn't really remedy the problem, because we really did have to get back to work.

...So we got back to work, finished our weekly simulpub, got a teeny little start on Saiyuki...and called it a day so we could go play Pokemon. We were determined to get Zamazenta today, and we're prepared to pay the consequences of our slacking. ...We may have also started playing Animal Crossing. And stayed up a little late to watch two episodes of Miraculous. But tomorrow we will buckle down!!

Today I'm thankful for our simulpubs being pretty easy today, getting to play Nintendo with two of our nephews, finally having Zamazenta, Saiyuki promising to at least start out fairly kind to us, and understanding editors.
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