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Today has been quite a lovely Sunday, beginning with a devotional with some comforting religious messages, and there were cookies and Jules Verne. We finished A Journey to the Centre of the Earth today and are now convinced that DisneySea came into being because Tony Baxter wanted to make a Journey to the Center of the Earth ride. It makes sense, though. If this book is to be adapted into anything other than a book, a theme park ride is really the only way to go. I will say that the book and the ride are pretty different, but very similar in spirit, like Walt Disney's adaptation of The Jungle Book.

But I wanted to talk about something more serious, because there are things on my mind. Actually, the funny thing is, it's not on my mind that much, and for that reason, it has recently been on my mind. This whole pandemic business. I know it's been a cause of major stress for pretty much everybody for the last couple of months, but for Athena and me, we've mostly carried on with life as if it wasn't even really a thing. Part of this is that we lived a pretty reclusive lifestyle already, so being told not to leave the apartment is more of a, "Yay, an excuse not to go out!" than a deprivation of anything. Even with church, we love the gospel, but since Athena has to be "on stage," in a sense, for Primary, it's like, "Sweet, I don't have to drain my introvert batteries!"

Still, it's a big scary pandemic that's killing people, and that is an understandable source of stress, because even when you go out as rarely as we do, you can't rule out the possibility that you could get it. We haven't been too concerned, though, and I'm not trying to brag or say you shouldn't be concerned. Just kind of reasoning it out.

I think there are a couple of things that have helped me through this. One of them happened when we were contemplating going to Target to get food for the stray cats. Target is bigger than our regular grocery store, so we were worried that there was a higher risk of exposure. But the city we live in has been really great about updating people on the statistics, and we had recently gotten an email from them that told us the infection rate here, and it was roughly 0.1%. From that, I realized that only one in about a thousand people have covid, and you can't catch a virus from someone who doesn't have it, so unless there were a thousand people in Target that day, the odds were in our favor that we wouldn't catch it.

The second thing that helped me not to be afraid is the one I think is much more important. It happened when we had just heard that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had suspended church services in Japan because of the outbreak there. This was before everything shut down in the States, but we figured if our church leaders (whom we believe to be prophets) were suspending church, it must be pretty serious. That's when I started freaking out about it a little.

Nevertheless, we decided to go to Disneyland. I think that was the day the new parade debuted. On the way there, I was paranoid about touching everything. I had to press the button for the traffic light, and I was like, "Oh no, I touched the button! There's no telling who else touched the button! What if they have the disease!?" It might sound sarcastic, but I was serious.

We had brunch in Downtown Disney, and as we walked to Earl of Sandwich, we came across a couple of Japanese tourists. I'd already heard that the disease has a long incubation period, so I knew it was possible that they had it--perhaps even likely, since they had come from a place where they just had a big outbreak. My first instinct was to avoid them, but I had two thoughts. First, I remembered reading online that Asians were facing increased racism because of the virus. Second, I thought, since I believe in a loving God, that He wouldn't want me avoiding people out of fear. I remembered that He's in charge, and if He wanted me to get it, I'd get it, and if He didn't, I wouldn't. Maybe that's too simplistic an explanation, but the point is, I believe that everything will turn out okay, even if it sucks for a while (like being sick with covid).

After that, the fear pretty much went away. I couldn't say how seriously we're taking the lockdown, since we try not to leave home anyway. And I don't really have a conclusion.

Things are getting bad again with the murder of George Floyd. I have a lot of thoughts on that, too, that I can't really articulate, but I will say that it was extremely wrong.

Today I'm thankful for getting to finish Journey to the Centre of the Earth, having some nice pictures from DisneySea to look at, the yummy cookies we had today, still having cookies to look forward to, and my faith in a loving Heavenly Father.
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