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So close and yet so far

Today we were bound and determined to complete our Pokedex! We finally evolved Braviary and Hydreigon, and we were ready to go get Zamazenta...but we didn't realize it would turn into a whole new quest! Gah! We kept trying anyway, but it was going on too long, and we were already up late, so when they were like, "You have to go back to ALL the other stadiums!" we were like, "Okay, I surrender." So we watched the Chat Blanc episode of Miraculous and called it a night.

Meanwhile, Grawp has asked if the next time they all come to Disneyland can they come to our house. We were like, "That depends on whether or not we have time to clean up first." Then we explained that our house is a mess because we have so much work to do that by the time we're done, all we want to do is play on the Switch, and he was like, "Maybe if you spent less time on the Switch, you could clean your house." This was rich coming from the kid who (according to comments we heard from his mother) had already been on the Switch for a long time before he called us at about eleven, and proceeded to stay on the Switch for several hours after, somehow managing to still be on the Switch after he'd relinquished it to his brother for Hagger's turn.

It's cute, though. And he's right; if we spent less time on the Switch, we would be able to clean...but we can't spend less time on the Switch, because if we spent all our time working and then spent all our time cleaning (also working), life would lose all color and joy. So we'll just have to figure out another solution. In the meantime, sleep sounds pretty good right now.

Today I'm thankful for having 399 out of 400 Pokemon, the Shipt guy finally remembering to deliver our order, getting to watch Chat Blanc, having a good time talking to Grawp on the phone, and getting to see the sun briefly when we went to get the mail.
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