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Brain no worky

We had a rough day at work today. This volume of In/Spectre has been really hard. It's a little frustrating, because we love the story in it, but the dialogue is so darn hard to translate, and we're not even sure why. It might just be that our brains are rejecting the idea of working anymore. But we still have to finish it, and it's due tomorrow, and at the rate we've been going, the odds that we'll need to spend the entire day on it are fairly high. Le sigh.

But we will finish it! And then we'll take the weekend off! (Like usual.) And then we'll get back to work on Monday for probably our most difficult simulpub! Woohoo... I sure hope this weekend is restful. Our stake is having a devotional (broadcast) featuring Elder Christofferson, so that will be nice.

Today I'm thankful for eventually meeting our work quota, being one Pokemon closer to filling our Pokedex, Page eating a little (teeny tiny bit) today, the knowledge that by the time we update LJ tomorrow we will be finished with this volume of In/Spectre, and the hope that that time won't be too late at night.
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