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Why did the animal cross the road?

Today I was talking on the phone to our sister, and her kid came along and said, "I have to tell you something. You need to get Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It's not a game about making animals cross the road, it's a game where you make your own island." And somehow that turned out to not be the only person telling us to get Animal Crossing today. Our nephew Gilderoy...or perhaps his aunt on his father's side...has started a craze.

In fact, Gilderoy's obsession with Animal Crossing inspired our mother to get the game. She claims she doesn't really see the appeal of the game, but we have turned on our Switch on multiple occasions to see that she was playing it. And despite her alleged apathy toward the game, when Grawp spent the weekend with her this last weekend, she got him hooked on it. Apparently they got each other mutually hooked on it, if her version is accurate, because he likes to try out all the features, so he was able to find fun stuff to do that she didn't even know about.

Anyway. Thanks to Gilderoy's obsession, Grandma was mildly attracted to it, I guess, and now Grawp is really into it, and when he went home, Grandma let him take her Switch with him so he could share Animal Crossing with his siblings and not start all over. We suspect this is why he hasn't called us to play Pokemon at all this week. We may have to call him, though, because Pokemon is having some Mystery Gift giveaways that are time sensitive.

Anyway. The upshot of this is that Animal Crossing is on our mother's mind, one thing led to another, and through the magic of Paypal and a kind donation from said mother, Animal Crossing is downloaded onto our Switch. But the download only finished a few minutes ago, and we're falling asleep. We also lost a good chunk of work time today, for a translation that was not going quickly. And that means we have no idea when we'll have time even for Pokemon, let alone starting a brand new game. (We'll surely make a little time for Pokemon...) First we'll sleep, then we'll figure out the rest.

Today I'm thankful for having a new video game to look forward to eventually, Page showing interest in food, getting to watch Dark Owl, the cool breeze from the window, and getting to watch an episode of Psych to hopefully help us get our words back.
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