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Turns out we were deader than we thought today. We're not entirely sure why. Is it the trip to the grocery store? The failure to get quite enough sleep? The fact that we practically only ate cookies yesterday? I mean, cookies are pretty high in calories, so it should have been okay, but maybe not quite enough calories? It was only six each...but we ate other things, too! ...Well, a bowl of cereal and a peanut butter sandwich and two donuts each. That sounds like it should have been enough calories. Is it because we expended so much energy reading Jules Verne? A Journey to the Centre of the Earth is really interesting, though. ...But it does kind of take more brain power than, say, Harry Potter. Is it because we didn't have the sacrament yesterday?

Anyway, the upshot of it is we are extremely tired today. We had just enough energy to finish our monthly simulpub and the few pages we had left on our In/Spectre draft, and then we were done. We spent the rest of the day taking it easy--an episode of Psych, some Pokemon, and Miraculous. And now we're going to bed juuuust a little bit early, in the hopes that we can get enough extra sleep to be less dead tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for our simulpub chapter not being quite as impossible as it first seemed, getting to watch an episode of Psych, getting to watch season two of Miraculous and see all the signs that Adrien really does like Marinette if he'd just admit it, Page hanging out with us for a little while when we were playing Pokemon, and the story referenced in this volume of In/Spectre being in the public domain.
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