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A day of reading

We made it a point today to relax. We went to the grocery store for the first time in about a month yesterday, and our arms are not used to carrying that much weight anymore. We are rather sore. So we spent the day recovering...and reading A Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Almost two hundred pages in, we finally got to one of the fantastical places depicted in the ride at DisneySea.

We are aware that at least two film adaptations of this book have been made, and we can't imagine that they would have been entirely faithful. At least a quarter of this book is just wandering through dark tunnels and admiring the geology. To be sure, it's written in a way that it's a good read, but I can't imagine it being very compelling as a movie.

And then there's the most dramatic part so far--when Axel gets lost. His lantern goes out and the completeness of the darkness brings utter despair. But that's the thing--the darkness is complete. He even says so. He points out that on the surface of the earth, even in the darkest night, there are still tiny bits of light that the eye can rely on, but underground with at least five miles of rock between you and the sun, there is zero light. It's pretty horrifying to contemplate, but now think about a movie trying to depict that. It would be a black screen...unless it was a cartoon, where you just saw the whites of his eyes.

And then! he finally manages to get in touch with his uncle via some acoustic thing (these books are very scientific, you know), and they calculate the distance between them based on measuring the time it takes for their voices to travel from one of them to the other. Forty seconds from speaking to hearing a response. Can you imagine a movie like that? There were a lot of ellipses in the book. In a movie...dang.

It's this kind of thing that makes me wonder how there are film adaptations of Jules Verne books at all. But I do think they're wonderful for sparking the imagination. We've been having discussions today about how imaginations seem to be stunted these days, so everybody, go read some old books!

Today I'm thankful for a nice relaxing Sunday, making good progress in Journey to the Centre of the Earth, not being five miles under the earth's surface, the very lovely weather we had today, and the super yummy cookies we had for a snack...and dinner.
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