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I don't remember why exactly, but we decided to try shoving some bisque in Page's face last night. ...I mean, not actually shoving it in her face, because we learned that that's the number one way to get her to never ever eat it. But we slowly brought it closer to her face, and as she showed the slightest interest, we brought it even closer until it was in licking distance. As we should have expected, she then got up and left the room.

But! soon after that, we heard crunching. Upon inspection, we learned that Page had gone and found some of the kibble that spilled in our efforts to feed the moochers outside. But the important thing is that she was eating it! Huzzah! So Athena poured her a bowl of that, and she actually stayed and ate it for a while. This was very exciting.

Later, Page showed interest in some other dry food, but didn't eat any of it. We suspected that maybe she has a hard time crunching too much since she would be weak for going so long without food, so today, since we went grocery shopping, we bought some food that the internet tells me is good for senior cats who have a hard time crunching. We brought it home and promptly poured her a bowl. She didn't touch it. But she did perk up!

Our new theory is that she is tired of eating in the same room where she spends all her time, so she refuses to eat anything unless we leave it somewhere else. I mean, of course we wanted to keep it nearby so she wouldn't have to expend too much energy to get to it. But anyway. As I was writing this entry, Page got up, went to the other room, made some crunching noises, and came back. So it's looking like she's back to eating again! Maybe not a lot at a time, but something is a heck of a lot better than nothing, and we are both feeling pretty relieved. But still cautious, of course.

Today I'm thankful for Page eating again, our trip to the grocery store not being too extra stressful, once again not losing all the battles in the Pokemon International Challenge, having our laundry done, and having masks we can wear to the store now.
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