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V is for Victory!

We did it! We finally finished the Sailor V manga! And oh man, it was a doozy. I mean, I know I've already been complaining about it here, but sheesh. We checked last night and realized we'd been working on this volume for almost a month. It was really hard! But when we did the final read-through, it was a lot of fun, so we hope it's a lot of fun for everyone else, too!

The scenes with Adonis at the end were my favorites. While we were translating them, Adonis was reminding us of Chat Noir...but actually more like Chat Blanc. So we would write a line and it would be all cool and dramatic...or we'd be struggling to come up with a cool dramatic way to say it...and Athena would say it in French, and oh my goodness, you guys. French is such an awesome language.

We even had time to play some Pokemon afterwards, which is especially good because the nephew called! That turned out to be a little less fun, because he wanted to battle, but he doesn't like battling with the rules that make sure all your Pokemon are the same level (because he doesn't win as easily), so it was mostly just taking our Pokemon to be destroyed. Athena did manage to take out some of his party with Gardevoir, though. Then he was like, "Can you use something that's not super effective?"

Eventually that ended, and he was out checking Dynamax dens, and suddenly he was like, "Dark and dragon!? What is that!?" (When you check a Dynamax den, it's basically a game of "Who's that Pokemon?", but it tells you what type it is.) And I was like, "Uh-oh," because I remembered that Deino is dark and dragon, and there was a very good chance that this was an evolved form of it. We're still working on evolving our Deino, and I've already talked about how we prefer to see the evolutions when our Pokemon evolve.

But sure enough, Grawp asked, "You wanna fight this thing with me?" and Athena goes, "You know what? You go ahead and fight it without me." And it was so cute, because he was so shocked. He was like, "What!? Why!?" ...Well, how could we say no to that? Fortunately it was only the second evolution, so we can still be surprised for the third one (except that we've already seen it in the International Challenge, and we'll likely see more of it starting tomorrow, but still). Anyway, we decided to catch it because our Deino is Japanese, and if you breed two Pokemon of different languages, you raise your chances of getting a shiny one significantly. And the important thing is that Grawp was very excited to get a Zweilous. (It's a Sword-exclusive, but we could never get him to trade us one because he couldn't ever find them. That's why ours is Japanese.)

Today I'm thankful for helping Grawp catch a Zweilous, finishing work not super late, having time to watch Psych, having a fun time on the final read-through we did today, and WE FINISHED SAILOR V!!!!
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