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Well, Page just ate a little bit of Fancy Feast, so we're hoping things are looking up. We called the vet this morning, and thankfully we didn't even need to take her in again. They had it on record and knew that they'd done all the tests and found nothing wrong. So we told them she stopped eating again after we ran out of appetite stimulants, and they told us to come on over and pick up some more of those, and some prescription food. A/D, the very same food we gave Oreo when he wasn't eating. Except that when he refused to eat, he wouldn't eat that, either.

Anyway, we couldn't get over there due to logistics until this afternoon, so we picked up the stuff...and since the appetite stimulant is a twice daily thing, we didn't give it to her right away because we didn't want to have to wake up at four in the morning to give her the next one. But we did eventually give it to her! ...And she ran away and started clawing at the carpet. We think that may be her way of trying to fight off the hunger pangs or something.

We dished out a little A/D for her, which she studiously ignored...okay, part of that was us. We deliberately put it not in her face. Plus, she was sleeping. So the ignoring wasn't studious until later, when, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, she had some Fancy Feast. We thought, "Oh! You're eating! Here, try some of this!" and she was like, "Okay, done eating!" and she ran away. So we will keep hoping and praying.

Today I'm thankful for getting more supplies to hopefully help Page start eating again, making okay progress on Sailor V, having an excuse to watch Psych tomorrow (we think it helps us do English better to have watched English-speaking TV shows, and it's good to be in an English-speaking mindset when doing a final read-through of a translation), catching a Gigantamax Eevee, and safely managing to deliver the groceries that were accidentally delivered to us to the person who actually ordered them. Our apartment confuses a lot of people.
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