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A slight change in plans

We're getting close to our Sailor V deadline and we're on track to finish it with only a little bit of overtime! ...Or we would be, except that Page is still adamantly refusing to eat. We got some chicken broth today to see if she'd try that, but looks like that's another nope. So we'll be calling the vet tomorrow. I'm hoping we won't have to do anymore tests--just get her some more fluids and more appetite stimulants.

At any rate, we have enough work done on Sailor V that we can turn in most of it, and we think our editor will understand about Page. If the vet doesn't take up too much time, there's a good chance we'll turn the whole thing in on time!

In the meantime, I look at Page and at first I feel bad for her because she must be so hungry, but then I realize she really must not be that hungry if she's so adamant against eating. Still, she's visibly weaker, and it makes me sad for her. I hope that with a professional's help we can resolve this.

Today I'm thankful for making decent progress on Sailor V, the surprise rain showers we got for the first half of the day, the beautiful sunlight we got in the evening, beating Leon without too much trouble, and getting to watch the latest episode of Fruits Basket.
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