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Taking a step back

Page's supplement came today, but she would have none of it. We chased her down with it and she was not happy about it, so we didn't worry too much about giving her a whole dose and just left a bit on her nose and each of her front paws.

After that, she came into the bedroom while we were watching TV and almost went straight into the cat carrier, but she didn't go all the way in, so we weren't sure whether or not to take that as a request to go see the doctor. There's a lot of uncertainty, in fact, so we told her okay, we're not going to gang up on you with any kind of food anymore, and you're not eating the bisque so we won't give you any more of that, and now it's up to you. If she wants to go to the vet, we've asked her to go into her carrier and stay there for a while. If she vomits, we're calling the vet whether she asks us to or not. And other than that, we're just going to let her take care of it for now. We feel like she's going to be okay, but it's hard not to be concerned.

Today I'm thankful for at least getting to try the supplement, getting word about another Pokemon International Challenge, getting to watch another episode of Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ, the beautiful weather we had today (we didn't go outside, but I could tell from the windows), and finishing one of the things we have due very soon.
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