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Under the weather (tm)

Most of today has been overshadowed by something I'm not really at liberty to talk about, so I'm struggling to remember what even happened in addition to that. Page is still not eating very much, so we tried the grocery app again to get some new angles of cat food to try. So far, she has licked the first one, which is better than nothing. And the good news for us is that we got a couple of non-pepperoni Freschetta pizzas out of it, too.

As for Page, based on the evidence, it seems that the problem is she really just wants liquid food, but she's tired of the one flavor of bisque that this treat company makes. So we went to Amazon and searched for liquid cat food, and that's how we discovered Under the Weather, a cat food supplement for cats who aren't eating enough. We almost feel like it was made just for us and our cats, because whenever Page stops eating regularly, we chalk it up to her feeling "under the weather." So ideally it will arrive before she starves to death, and then help to get her the calories and nutrients she needs so she can start eating normally again. It's scheduled to arrive on Saturday.

We also caught a Duosion! And that means there are now only three Pokemon we won't be able to get before beating the Champion. We're excited, but I guess some people are bored by Pokemon. (Grumbling brought to you by a phone conversation we had earlier. Don't worry about it.)

Today I'm thankful for having cheese Freschetta, having a Duosion, cat food supplements that look like they're just the thing we need (even better if they turn out to actually be that), making good progress on work today, and Miraculous making it better.
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