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Oh my goodness, we sat down at the computer just now, and after not eating all day, Page just got up and had some dry food! We're making it a point not to make it a big deal in front of her, but I can be as excited as I want about it online! She would get up and walk toward the food, then circle back around Athena's chair without touching anything, and it made me sad. But she just ate something, and that tells me she has at least a little longer before she starves to death. We're out of appetite stimulants, and we already have a wide variety of food, so we're not sure what else we can do to motivate her to eat.

Other than that, today was mostly a Pokemon day. Well, Pokemon and work, of course. Sailor V...of course. Vexing. That's what V stands for. The series continues to vex us. Again, it should be pointed out that it's a super fun series and we love it. It's just also a whole lot of work. But we knew what we were getting into, and we met our quota for today, so that's the important thing.

The other important thing is that we caught a shiny Bunnelby. We were on the phone with Grawp when it happened, so he has already asked us to trade it to him. We know we don't really need it, so we're willing, but we like to have shiny Pokemon, too, so we'd rather not. (Fortunately he ran out of time on the Switch before any final decisions had to be made.) If only he would just fight more Pokemon himself, surely he'd catch one of his own. But he did trade us a Kanto form Rapidash...I'm pretty sure he could catch more on Let's Go! Eevee, but they lost the game card for it, so maybe not. Hmm.

Today I'm thankful for Page eating, catching a shiny Bunnelby, also finishing the Semifinals of the Challenge League, meeting our Sailor V quota, and the super cute letter we got from Hagger the other day (we were thankful for it then, too, of course, but I kept forgetting to mention it).
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