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Happy Mother's Day!

Our new friends from last week had invited us to sacrament meeting as a regular thing, but we hadn't heard from them at all, so as of this morning, we weren't sure if we had any plans today. Fortunately, we got a text that gave us plenty of time to get ready, and so off we went to another lovely sacrament meeting at our friends' house. We were fully prepared to make the children sing Mother's Day songs, but the oldest girl had already planned on it! She hadn't warned the younger children, either, though, so it was equally unrehearsed as if we had taken over.

When we got home, we called our own mother to wish her a happy Mother's Day...and that's pretty much all the eventfulness of today. We also read about the people of Limhi and the people of Alma and how they escaped their various captivities, and we read some more Jules Verne.

As for Page updates, she ate some dry food last night, but for today she has returned to mainly subsisting on bisque. We're going to have to order some more...except that she seems to be getting tired of that, too. The life of a starving picky eater can be so hard.

Today I'm thankful for having a routine sacrament meeting in place now, having a lovely conversation with our mother, finally getting back to Five Weeks in a Balloon, Joe's "philosophy," and the yummy mint cookies we had for a snack today.
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