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Noticeable improvement

Page's appetite has definitely increased, but it is a gradual process. We've mostly left her to her own devices and spent our time playing video games in the bedroom today, but when we'd be here in the office, she would get up every so often, eat just a liiiittle bit of her bisque, then lie back down somewhere else. At first we were concerned about how little she'd eat, but then a few minutes later, she'd do it again.

The duck & potato food came today, so of course we poured some out for her almost right away, but we also made it a point to not shove it in her face, because she does not like that. Later, when she'd get up to get a liiiittle bit of food, she'd look at the bowl, maybe sniff at it...and then go back to the bisque. Once she looked at the bowl, then walked all the way around the room to another bowl of dry food that we had out (keep in mind, we have several bowls of different cat foods distributed around the room in case one of them appeals to her), looked at that, and then went back to the bisque. So we're guessing she doesn't quite feel up to digesting dry food yet.

As for us, we started the day playing Pokemon, because our nephew called before we managed to drag ourselves out of bed. We had managed to wake up, though, and he was so cute, because Athena said hello?, and the first thing he said was, "Sorry if I woke you up." It was about nine-thirty, and I guess he risked waking us up because he was supposed to give up the Switch at ten. He was honest enough to tell us that he had to go at ten, but when ten o'clock came, and we were like, "Were you supposed to go now?" he was like, "We can do a battle." But to his credit, when his mom caught on to the fact that he had not handed the Switch over to his little brother, he gave it up without a fight.

This just in! Page may have just nibbled a tiny bit at the duck & potato food! Woohoo! (There is a greater than zero percent chance that she stopped because she could tell Athena was staring at her.)

We also got back to Super Smash Bros., and that was fun. We unlocked Simon Belmont! And that made us sad, because we really do not like the Castlevania anime, but it would be so cool if there was a good one.

Today I'm thankful for someone finally trading us a Deino (thank you, Pokemon Home and unknown Japanese trainer!), having a Japanese Deino, Page eating throughout the day, unlocking new characters in Smash Bros., and getting to sleep in this morning.
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