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Slow recovery

Well, so far, Page's appetite has not increased much, but she has been eating! We actually realized that she either never cared much for any of the cat food we have, or is tired of it, and while she used to eat it anyway before, after an incident like this, we can totally understand why she wouldn't want to bother. And now here we are, giving her drugs to make her more hungry, when there's almost nothing here that she has even the slightest desire to eat. This is the problem with pets taking after their owners--we're way too picky. Frankly, if we were in her position, we would almost rather starve, too.

There was one food she never got tired of: Nutro's grain-free duck & potato recipe. But they stopped making it, and that's part of why we end up having so many different kinds of cat food lying around. (The other part is that we want to buy as much bulk as possible to deal with the strays, but the stores sometimes don't have the biggest bags of the food we usually buy, so we get a big bag of something else. We figure if the strays don't like it, they can hunt for their own food.)

Fortunately, soon after Nutro stopped making the duck & potato food, Mom found a different duck & potato food for her cats. I don't remember why we knew that or why Mom felt the need to find a replacement, since I don't think her cats are as picky as Page, but the point is, we did know that, so we were able to ask her what the food was. And now we have ordered a bag from Amazon! (The reason we never got this food before is that it's pretty niche, so they don't carry it at our regular grocery store or Target, and even if we did go to a pet store to find some, there's not a great chance it would be there.)

So by tomorrow, we should have a food that Page can not only stomach, but will actually enjoy eating! We hope. This brand is untried. But I feel like there's so little we can give her sometimes, I at least want to give her a food she likes. And I feel bad for waiting so long to get this food. Of course, if she doesn't like it, there will be no reason to feel bad, but she'll also still not enjoy eating... Anyway, I hope she likes it.

Today I'm thankful for Page eating a little more, for the animal clinic calling to check on her (when I told her she still wasn't eating very much, the vet tech said, "Yeah, it might take a couple of days," so that's encouraging), Mom finding a duck & potato cat food replacement, making pretty good progress on Sailor V, and the weather being cooler today.
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