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Slowly, slowly...

He sank into the sea! Although we tried to save him, he sank into the sea~![/goofy singing]

We really need to see Babes in Toyland again...

Anyway, the "slowly" thing was originally meant to be a comment on the progress of our costumes for AX this year. Because they are getting done, but very, very slowly. It doesn't help that we don't have much to work with, but that's partly our fault, because we're so picky about fabric that we end up taking forever trying to decide, and then by the time Mom's ready to leave the fabric store we have nothing. And then we don't want to make her wait.

But anyway, I have been working on Yasuaki's houi (we did research on Heian clothing! It's neat!) a little at a time, and now all it needs is sleeves and hems. Lots and lots of hems. And a little work on the collar. The collar had me scared to death for several weeks now, but now that it's almost done, I am no longer frightened... much. And then I get to make his hitoe, and then I'm out of fabric. I foresee future problems in costume production...

And Athena finished making the calendar for Relief Society, so we've all been productive. Except for Oreo; he just lounged around on the bed while Mimsy kept demanding my attention.
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