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Back from the vet

Today was the day we took Page to the vet. We were a little nervous because of the whole curbside service thing, but most of all we felt like it was just a thing that needed to be done and once we did it, things would work out. Apparently Page felt similarly. I made the mistake of telling her what time the appointment was, so when it was getting to be time to wrangle her into her carrier, she made a tactical retreat to her cat box, which would have made it very difficult to grab her, but just a couple minutes later, she came back. She's such a good kitty.

For curbside vet appointments, you go to the clinic, call to let them know you're there, and they'll come out and collect your pet from the car. And that's just what they did! ...It was almost immediately after the tech left that I realized I had no idea how the process was going to go after that. I knew they'd have to look at her and they'd want to run tests, but now we'd handed her over to do whatever they want with her! We figured legally they couldn't charge us for anything if we didn't agree to it, but I was still concerned.

Fortunately, it wasn't too long before the vet tech came back out with The List. She's a senior kitty and she hadn't been in for a while, so naturally the doctor wanted to do all the tests. The list was none too short and none too cheap. The vet tech said he asked if there was anything on there we could maybe opt out of, but, for example, if the (expensive) pancreatitis test came out positive, that would dictate a different treatment plan. And we've done the vet thing before, so we were prepared to have to pay a lot of money, so we said sure let's do it. I told the tech to go with it, he left, and Athena said, "They're going to do all the tests and they're going to come back negative."

But tests take a while, so we went off with our ride to kill some time. Namely, by grocery shopping. We have been terrible at keeping our kitchen properly stocked since this whole quarantine started. But now we have cookies, and that's the important thing. After that, our friends treated us to Starbucks, since they had a gift certificate, and then we went back to the animal clinic and hung out in the parking lot until the vet tech came back out to see us. Eventually he came out with an extra surgical mask, and I took it and went inside to talk to the Doctor.

When I got there, the doctor started asking me questions like when was the last time she ate, has she been vomiting regularly, any diarrhea, etc. etc., and as the questioning went on, I started thinking, "He has no idea what's wrong with her, does he?" So then he showed me the blood work, which had a few abnormalities, but all of them were consistent with a cat who had not been eating--nothing to indicate a cause. He showed me the pancreatitis tester thingie, which I don't understand at all, but he told me it came out negative, and that's the important thing. He showed me the x-rays and how there were no abnormalities there, either, explaining what it would look like if there had been anything unusual. (He also pointed out the thick layer of fat that was the cause of their difficulty drawing blood. Also she has thin veins and thick skin. She's our rhinoceros cat.)

And so we continue to stick to our theory that she had a really bad hair ball that made her lose her appetite, and by the time that made it out of her system, she'd lost the energy to eat and food had lost its appeal. At any rate, the vet gave her some subcutaneous fluids (which we're hoping will help her body to process food better), prescribed an appetite stimulant, and instructed us to bring her back in if the vomiting continues. We're pretty sure it won't, but we will follow instructions. But we're pretty optimistic about everything. We've managed to make it through this without being worried out of our minds, and we think part of that was the Spirit reminding us that we've been through this before and letting us know it's going to be okay.

When we finally got home, we attempted to buckle down and get to work, but soon our nephew called, so we spent three hours on the phone with him playing Pokemon. We meant to stop sooner, but we tipped him off on how to transform Rotom, and then he said, "I have an idea! We're going to have a Rotom battle!" That, of course, required us to catch more Rotoms, so now we had a mission, and once we have a purpose, it's a lot harder to put the game down. Then Athena caught all the Rotoms, and Grawp had moved on to Togepi. The weather was just right in the Wild Area so that Togepis were out for the catching, and Grawp demanded that Athena go catch one. She was like, "Why? I already have one in my Pokedex." and he was all, "But you don't have one in your boxes." He was trying to catch one for himself, and we were like, "Why don't you go trade for one from the girl who trades you one?" and he was like, "Because I want it to like me better than her." This is probably also why he suddenly changed his tune away from, "Catch one and trade it with me!"

She went to catch one anyway, and it was the first Pokemon she ran into in that area. Grawp was incensed at the unfairness of life, as he had encountered at least one hundred Pokemon (maybe more like ten? I might even give him twenty) and not seen a single Togepi. They are pretty rare. But he has a Togetic, so we should suggest that he breed one.

And then, since we'd done a surprise trade and gotten a German Gossifleur, we were like, "Sweet! If we breed it, we'll have a good chance of getting a shiny one!" But then we wanted to raise the odds even more, so we went and started fighting Gossifleurs. Gosh those things are cute, though.

And that's how we wasted time after we went to the vet. For her part, Page continued to relax (I hope) by the computer.

Today I'm thankful for our friends who were kind enough to drive and hang out with us for the whole vet thing, not finding anything wrong with Page that would demand expensive treatment, getting a little bit of work done on Sailor V, having a great time playing Pokemon, and getting to watch more of Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ.
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