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Impromptu day off

This morning we got up and checked email etc. at the computer, and we told Page (who was sitting with us) that as soon as we got up (for our own breakfast), we were going to get her some food. When we got up, she dashed away as fast as she could! ...Which was surprisingly fast, considering. That and the vomit on the floor of what little she had eaten told us it was time to take her to the vet.

So we called and made an appointment (they were booked until tomorrow), secured a ride, used our grocery app to order a few things, and proceeded to not worry about anything for the rest of the day. Instead of work, we decided to replenish our words by watching Psych all day, and I definitely think that was the right choice. I'm feeling a lot less dead than I was yesterday. And hopefully it sticks, because we got a couple more deadlines today and they're placed strategically to remove all our extra free time. Ha, ha, ha. But we can do it! I think!

In other news, Athena downloaded the Facebook Messenger app for the first time ever last night and discovered a message from last October. See, because we both get our Facebook fix from looking at my Facebook (we have almost all the same friends anyway), she almost never signs in. But she decided to finally get the Messenger app and now here's this message. It was from the script adaptation writer for the dub of an anime we translated the manga of, and he was hoping he could ask us some questions! And we hoped very much that we could answer them, but that would require a time machine. All we could do was reply today and apologize for missing the message, and say we'd be available in case of questions in future seasons.

We're pretty sure it's not a big deal, but! once upon a time, we had a friend at church. She was relatively new in the ward, and we were all always happy to see each other at activities and stuff, we had a good time talking about things, it was great. After a while, that kind of faded away, but we didn't think much of it because we're in the Primary and don't see much of anybody anyway. But then there was a special meeting that we all went to, and I got a weird vibe that she was unhappy with us.

Come to find out later, when she Facebook-friend-requested us, I accepted the request pretty quickly, because we check my Facebook a few times a day. Athena did not accept the request right away, figuring she'd get to it eventually and the friend wouldn't be missing out on anything at all, because she never ever posts. Nevertheless, our friend was deeply hurt by this failure to acknowledge her on social media. So Athena went and found her on Facebook (she had rescinded her request) and they were happily reunited as virtual friends.

But then! this friend had invited us to a game night via text to Athena's phone. Again, I'm the talkative one, so we usually expect people to contact my phone...usually because I've contacted them first, or because we told them to. Athena didn't see the message until a few days later, when the game night was already over, and she immediately sent a reply saying she was so sorry we missed it, but please definitely invite us next time. But it was too late. The friendship had been damaged irreparably. And now we don't talk at church anymore.

We like to think that most people will not end friendships over delayed social media and/or text replies, but now we know it's a possibility, and we don't know how to predict it. So we're just a little worried that we lost our chance to have input in anime dubs, but we're hoping this person is more understanding. We may or may not ever find out.

Today I'm thankful for having a veterinary appointment, having friends who are kind enough to drive us to said appointment, finding the message eventually (better late than never, we hope), getting to watch a lot of Psych, and feeling relatively well-rested.
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