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Tummy troubles?

I haven't mentioned anything about this because there's been so much else going on, and frankly, I hoped it would be gone by now, but Page hasn't been eating. I think it's been a little over a week. We're pretty sure it started because of a hairball that she wasn't regurgitating, so it was just sitting there in her tummy making her uncomfortable and taking away her appetite.

We ordered a few things that are supposed to help with that kind of thing, and they worked! She got her appetite back enough to eat a couple of the bisque treats we still had because she was obsessed with them for a while and then got tired of them. We hoped they gave her enough energy to get back to her usual dry food, but no such luck, and now we were out of them.

So we ordered some more bisque from Amazon (we wanted it shipped as quickly as possible), but it's not set to arrive until tomorrow, so we tried a grocery shopping app. We did think about going to the store ourselves, but we've still got Sailor V to work on, and we're tired, and we were living dangerously on Saturday. So we tried a grocery shopping app. It worked pretty well, except for the fact that our apartment complex is weird with numbers so it got delivered to the wrong address through no fault of the driver. We had enough energy to retrieve it from our neighbors.

Anyway, that's how we learned that Page is once again through with bisque. We ordered one of those licking treats, too (you know, the ones in the narrow tubes), and we tried it just now, but Page was having none of it. She gets stubborn if you try to force things on her too much, so now we're just hoping that she hasn't sworn off of food out of spite. We did get her to have a liiiittle bit of bisque when we told her, "If you want to die, there's not much we can do to stop it, but we do like having you around." I'm taking that as a sign that she's not ready to go yet, and that there's hope for her recovery. She seems to be susceptible to getting "under the weather," which is to say, if the weather is not agreeable, she gets sick. And we've had the temperature fluctuating pretty drastically the last couple of weeks. We're hoping that it will stabilize and Page will feel better and be able to eat again. Or course we'll take her to the vet if things get really bad. We're just not quite sure how we'll know when that is.

In the meantime, we're also still pretty wiped out from our weekend shenanigans. It's what happens when you expend more energy than you're used to while also not getting enough food or sleep. And we barely get enough food and sleep at regular times, so I'm not sure we're recovering. Also, we're on a really tough translation. So we're having to weigh our options of soldiering through to meet our deadline, or risking a day off to get back into shape. We're still undecided.

Today I'm thankful for friendly drivers on grocery store apps, getting to play Smash Bros. with Gilderoy (or his father; we're really not sure), making some progress on work, getting to have pizza for dinner, and faith that Heavenly Father is watching out for us and for Page.
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