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Birthday weekend

We succeeded in wearing ourselves out quite thoroughly this weekend, and now we are very tired, and you may think that we brought it upon ourselves and we deserve it. We lived very dangerously.

It started Saturday morning when Gaston and Alice came by to pick us up for birthday shenanigans. You may recall that our tradition is to go to the Carthay Circle for birthdays, but since that place is closed, we changed plans. The two of them have another friend who lives in our area, and he's gotten into the habit of taking his family on outdoor excursions since the lockdown began, so we decided to join them.

It was still relatively distant socially, because we were in Gaston and Alice's car and they were in their car, and we just drove along the Pacific Coast Highway for a little bit. We looked at the neat beach houses, and at one point we did get out to admire the ocean from a rather empty beach (they were supposed to be closed anyway ^^;), and we got out to have lunch. We stopped at a fastfood place along the beach and had a picnic in the parking lot. The food was not great, but the company was excellent.

After our little excursion, we went back to Gaston's friend's house, and since his (the friend's) birthday happened to be the Tuesday before ours, we had a celebratory barbecue for all of us! I'm sure the food was much better, but we didn't eat any of it, because we're too picky for anything. They did have some leftover pizza that Gaston threw on the grill for us, and it was Papa John's, so it was pretty tasty. Gaston also made sure to stop at a bakery on the way back to the house to get us cupcakes for our birthday. They were pretty amazing cupcakes, but the frosting used cream cheese (all their cupcakes had cream cheese frosting, so we couldn't opt out of it), so they weren't quite to our taste. But for people who do like cream cheese frosting, they were amazing.

It was after the barbecue that we really started living dangerously. See, there was a red tide in the area, and that means bioluminescent waves at night. And we went to go see them. Of course, when you have a phenomenon like glowing waves, everybody wants to go see them, consequences be darned, so there were a lot of people on the beach that night. We weren't too worried, though, because we've been so reclusive we figured there was very little risk of us giving the 'rona to anyone, and because in California the infection rate is still less than one in one thousand generally, so statistically you'd have to run into a lot of people to have any significant risk of catching it ourselves.

...Well, there might have been a thousand people on the beach that night, and we might have been unlucky enough to have run into someone who was contagious. So we're going to have our groceries delivered instead of going to the store, and that should effectively eliminate any chance of our spreading it to other people (it may also have something to do with our not wanting to go to the store anymore until this thing is over). At any rate, we know the situation is really scary in New York, but here in California, hospitals are laying off staff because so few people are using them, so if worse comes to worst...we'll probably still stay home and suffer, because that's pretty much how we deal with things.

But more importantly! the bioluminescence was amazing! Whenever a wave broke just right, it would agitate the plankton in the water, and they'd kind of do the wave, as it were (ha ha ha), sending a shock of light horizontally through the wave, like lightning. If we were really lucky, the wave would catch the moonlight as it swelled up, then it would break and the plankton would light up. It was really spectacular. And! the plankton was in the sand, too, so if you stepped down hard enough, you could see blue light radiating out from under your feet. You could shuffle along the sand to leave a glowing trail (very briefly), or you could graze the sand with your foot to make it look like you were kicking a ball of light. It was the most amazing thing. So we might not have gotten to see a Disneyland spectacular on our birthday, but we got to see a natural one, and it was awesome.

On Sunday, since Gaston and Alice were still in town, the four of us were invited to sacrament meeting at their friend's house, and that was really nice, too. We're introverted and like to sleep, so we hadn't really missed church very much, but the meeting reminded me how much I do like it. I especially like the sacrament hymns; they really help me feel the significance of Jesus's sacrifice for me.

When we got home, Mom and Sarah called on Hangouts and we got to have a nice chat with our family. And then we were very tired. But it was a really nice weekend.

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend a birthday weekend with friends, the wonders of nature, getting to see the bioluminescent plankton, getting to partake of the sacrament, and getting to see our family.
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