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Another sorta day off

We were not wrong about the nephew being more excited about calling us, but it was still unexpected. Fortunately, we did manage to get some work done before it happened, and we were basically planning to not really get much work done today anyway. At about lunch, he called and said, "Can you play Smash Brothers?" So we turned on the game, but his sister had gotten first choice and they were playing Mario Party at the time of the phone call. But he said we could play Smash Brothers while they finished their Mario Party game. I still don't know why he didn't just call when they were done, but now that we had permission to play Smash Bros, who was I to argue?

We tried to set up an arena where we could have two people playing on one Switch while two other people in another city played on another Switch, but it wasn't working, so I Googled it while Athena and Grawp smashed each other. Turns out the two-on-two game isn't really a thing, except in random online battles where you don't get to choose the other team. Upon finding this out, Grawp immediately lost interest in Smash Bros. and said, "Whenever you want to, you can play Pokemon instead." And that's how we ended up playing Pokemon all afternoon.

We were okay with that, though, because our other birthday present to ourselves arrived today, and it was the Sword & Shield guidebook. Now we could finally find out where to get the pre-evolved Milotic. I mean, we always could have Googled it, but I had a thought the other day that Googling all the Pokemon tricks might be something like reading manga that somebody shared on Facebook, and we wanted the guidebook anyway, but we figured there'd be no point in getting it if we looked up everything first. So Baby Milotic, as we called it until we caught one, was one of the things we decided to wait on. ...Unfortunately, I did a terrible job of looking it up, and I could not find it in the guidebook anywhere. So we ended up going to Bulbapedia anyway. But when I saw where it was, I did pull out the guidebook to confirm! (Not that I really doubted.)

And thus we spent at least an hour, probably more, fishing in just the one spot--the only spot in the entire game--where you can catch this Pokemon. On the bright side, we got to listen to Hagger playing Pokemon in the background while Grawp played a Star Wars game on their X-Box. Eventually we did finally catch it, and then we found out we have to trade it to evolve it, so we're annoyed again. It also turns out we had one in Moon, so we could have just traded it in. Ah well, live and learn.

Anyway. That's all our boring Pokemon stuff from today. But I said I would post our Miraculous fanfic! So here's the setup. There's one episode where we find out about a supervillain because Ladybug has just defeated him. He was called the Magician of Misfortune, and he threatened to make the Eiffel Tower disappear. On Miraculous's official Instagram, they asked people to write (or draw) how they think the battle went.

To make good on his threat to make the Eiffel Tower disappear, the Magician of Misfortune has to pull a giant handkerchief out of his sleeve to cover the tower. This takes a lot of time, so he also conjures an flock of white birds from inside his hat. Ladybug can't get past the avian army and Chat Noir is incapacitated because of his feather allergy.

Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm--it's a flashlight. She looks around and knows what she must do. Picking up a piece of paper (miraculously intact despite the rain; maybe it was in the gift shop or something), she uses origami to fold it into the shape of a bird. She places it over the flashlight and shines it into the clouds, forming the Pigeon Signal.

It catches the attention of Mr. Ramier, who races over to see what it could mean. Overjoyed to see so many white pigeons, he immediately uses his bird call to summon them to his side, clearing the path for Ladybug, and giving Chat Noir a chance to breathe. Ladybug ties the Magician up with her yo-yo, and Chat Noir Cataclysms the flower in his lapel. Ladybug captures the akuma, saves the Magician, and repairs all the damage caused shortly before she and Chat Noir are attacked by a new horde...of reporters.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ramier is disappointed to see his new friends disappear, but cheered up by some of his longtime feathered buddies.

Back in his lair, Hawk Moth grumbles, "You may have pulled another victory out of your hat this time Ladybug, but I have more tricks up my sleeve. Soon, I will perform the greatest magic act Paris has ever seen: I will make Ladybug and Chat Noir disappear!"

And there you have it. We like it because we think we did a good job of capturing the essence of Miraculous supervillain battles, and it worked out so that we could show off some of our knowledge of the characters. Actually, the main reason we thought of it is that in the Instagram comments, somebody said something about how Ladybug will use her Lucky Charm, and Chat Noir will throw some puns, and someone else said something about how Hawk Moth would come along at the end and be all, "I'll get you next time!" and we were like, "Come on, Hawk Moth is at least as punny as Chat Noir." I think Hawk Moth is a lot funnier than he lets on. So we wanted to give more details about what Hawk Moth would say, and then I thought why not come up with a whole battle? So we did. And there it is.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play video games with the nephew, getting our shiny Pokemon Sword & Shield guidebook, finally having a Baby Milotic, Page seeming to be feeling better, and getting a little bit of work done (during which we made much better progress than on Wednesday!).
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