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Yesterday after church, the people in charge of FHE for today asked us if we could bake enough cookies for 15 people (apparently they're for the winning team of whatever game we'll be playing tonight), and we said, "Sure, but someone will have to give us eggs." We said this very clearly. There was some talk which somehow did not end up with, "So I'll be getting an egg to you by [insert time here]." Maybe we should have made sure it did, because now here we are, eggless. We called a couple of people, but, as expected, it's not very easy to get a hold of people during normal work hours on a Monday. And we're still new to this whole "baking from scratch" thing, so we were hoping to have more time. As of now, there are three and a half hours until FHE.

We do have a backup plan! If we don't get any eggs, Athena can make peanut butter squares. They won't have a topping, but really, the main part tastes best anyway. At least, that's what we thought until we made some for our anime buddy and she didn't like them. They were hugely popular back in Glendale, so maybe it's just her, but people here in Fresno seem to be Different. But if we don't get any eggs, then that's about all we can do. If we had gotten a check today, we would have gotten some ready-to-bake cookie dough, but alas.

In other news, which may be old news, since it's been a long time since we checked the Bleach Fan website, Morita-oniisan♥ has now gotten his hair styled to look like Ichigo's (I think the guy on top's from the rock musical, but I know the guy on the bottom is him). Boys can be so stupid with their hair.

Speaking of Morita-oniisan♥, we've started playing Final Fantasy X again. On Saturday, Athena said it was like the Butch Hartman cartoons were telling her to play it. I'm really not sure why, because as far as I could tell, only the one episode of Danny Phantom with Walker (played by the dub voice of Tidus) was on. Of course, now that I've typed this, she says it's because of Ember (played by the dub voice of Rikku) being on. And Walker, too, of course. And it suddenly occured to me that it's kind of ironic that blitzball is played underwater.

And I wish I could obsess over FFX more coherently right now, but I'm too distracted. Maybe some other time.
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