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I really don't think we were exaggerating last week when we talked about how exhausting Sailor V is. Towards the end of our workday today, we could just feel the tiredness growing. The stories are great and hilarious, but oh my goodness.

We also had a frustrating encounter on Facebook. A friend posted a gallery of pictures of heartwarming comics, and we were like, "Wait a minute, we know those pictures!" They're from a manga we translated! ...that hasn't been announced yet. And therefore hasn't been released yet. But the comics were in English. On the bright side, we could tell right away that the translations were not stolen.

We wanted to immediately comment to say whoa, these aren't legal! But the series hasn't been announced, and actually the Japanese version is available to read on the internet for free. So we were kind of at a loss what to do, so we just ran away and did nothing. Later we realized that we could have at least linked to the official Japanese version and say, "Hey, while I'm sure the artist loves the exposure, here's the link to the official page to hopefully get that artist some of the ad revenue." I'm really not sure how it works. Maybe the artist really doesn't care about people translating and sharing the comics far and wide. The internet has created a very odd culture about sharing art. All I can do is sigh.

Today I'm thankful for making more progress on Sailor V, the lovely weather we had today, getting to watch Puppeteer 2 again, having chocolate cookies to help us revive from the hard work, and getting to relax and play Pokemon.
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