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Today is a very special day: the day we caught a shiny Vanillish. Somehow, since our nephew became obsessed with finding shiny Pokemon, it's become more important to us, too. I guess they're supposed to be more powerful in addition to being differently colored?

Well, anyway, we were hanging out at Route 10, trying to see if there were any Pokemon there that we hadn't caught yet, and we were thinking it was about time to stop and take a break when we found this one patch of grass that only had one Pokemon wandering around. We found that to be rather curious, so we ran around in it to see what kind of hidden Pokemon it had. We finally found one and as the battle started, I was like, "Oh, it's a Vanillish. We have one of those...and I never noticed how silvery they are. That's nice." And then all these sparkles popped up and I was like, "Wait a minute." That's when we both realized it was a shiny Pokemon, so Athena immediately threw a Quick Ball at it, and it was ours! Tadah!

Seriously, though, the color difference between a shiny Vanillish and a regular Vanillish is pretty hard to notice if you're not comparing them together. Sometimes the shininess really doesn't seem to make much difference. But it is a pretty nice silvery color.

Today I'm thankful for finding and catching a shiny Pokemon, the weather being significantly cooler today than yesterday (although still quite warm), also finally getting a Sirfetch'd (we had to look up the requirements for evolution, but we figured out how to pull it off all on our own!), figuring out how the chocolate chip cookie mug cake instructions work, and also having a bunch of different-colored Alcremies.
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