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We worked on Sailor V today! And oh my gosh, you guys, this series is ridiculous. In a good way, mostly, except for the fact that it is just completely exhausting. Part of that might be because the weather was super hot today (97 degrees!), but a big part of that is that Minako has way too much energy to keep up with. And so do all the villains. It's really intense, you guys, but not in a dramatic sort of way. In a ridiculous sort of way. See, Sailor V is like a parody of Sailor Moon...only it's actually part of Sailor Moon. It's wacky. We love it, but it makes us tired.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Sailor V, being prepared for the super hot weather so it didn't destroy us, getting to watch Oblivio again today, getting to play Pokemon with Grawp for the first time in a while, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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