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I was about to say that today was pretty much the same as usual for Sunday, which is kind of true and kind of not true. It was mostly the same, but we made muddy buddies, and we watched a new TV show. BYUtv has a thing called Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ, which we thought was curious, because we watched Wayne Brady many years ago on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which was on mainstream television, and BYUtv seems kind of niche.

Anyway, the concept is that Wayne Brady is training some kids to be all-around funny, and it's also a reality competition, where the prize is the winner gets their own episode of Studio C. The irony is that we felt that many of the kids on Comedy IQ are already funnier than most of the current Studio C team...which can either be a massive insult to Studio C or a major compliment to the kids on Comedy IQ. You be the judge! (I think the real answer is comedy is subjective.)

But the important thing is that there was a clip where one of the judges asks a kid what's wrong, and he goes, "I just don't want to look stupid," and she goes, "Then you're in the wrong business." We think that cuts right to the heart of what makes comedy difficult. A lot of people just don't want to look stupid. But the thing about comedy is that, while a lot of the time it does make the funny person seem stupid, to do it right, the comedians are usually incredibly intelligent. I think that's what I really like about comedy--it's people using their smarts to make other people happy, and because they often make themselves look like fools to do it, it means they can't be doing it to show off how smart they are.

Anyway, it's a neat show, and we'll be watching the whole season!

Today I'm thankful for having muddy buddies, getting to watch a fascinating new TV show about comedy, getting to read some more Jules Verne, getting plenty of sleep this morning, and having a chance to read and think about the sacrament prayers.
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