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Nice and uneventful

I don't think anything worth reporting really happened today, but that's kind of exactly what we wanted. We've just been wanting a day to play Pokemon and watch Miraculous and not have to worry about anything else. So that's what we did! even though maybe we should have worried about, like, cleaning our apartment. We're still trying to get over our aversion to being responsible. ...Yes, thinking about it, I think that's what it is. Anything that's responsible like work, or chores, or errands, we just do not want to do it. But if it's Pokemon or Miraculous or reading or another anime, sign me up!

Anyway. That's all. It was a good day, but nothing much to talk about. Unless you count our misadventures in mug cake. We tried a new flavor today, but the instructions said to add 5tsp of water, which is way more than usual, so we were skeptical. We tried 5tsp and 3tsp, and both seemed like too much water. We do not know what to do, unless it's supposed to be more mush than cake. Hmmm.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch the season two finale of Miraculous again, getting to play Pokemon, getting to sleep in, finally getting to watch another episode of Beastars, and the mug cake not being too mushy to eat.
Tags: food adventures, life

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