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dun dun DUN!!!

I actually wasn't too upset about not being able to work a whole lot so far this month until today, when I realized that we're more than halfway through March, and we've only turned in one translation. That really does not bode well for Anime Expo. And then we keep getting all these bills, but still no paychecks. This is getting scary. As if it wasn't scary enough before.

Athena says she's kind of hopeful, because it's been so long that it can't possibly be much longer, and if it is, it's not our fault. Man, we can't even go anywhere for interviews about getting more work to stop this from happening again. I guess it's time we stop putting off asking for priesthood blessings.

Also, the video game bug has gotten too strong, so that's what we'll be doing the rest of the night. Justice League isn't on, so there's nothing to stop us. Except for Mimsy, who has just gotten settled on Athena's lap.

Tonight I'm thankful for being able to go to the store to get kitty litter, little sisters who are willing to give us quarters when we need them, kitty lap-warmers, fundraiser chocolate bars kindly purchased by Sarah, and oxygen.
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