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Another Pokemon sort of day

Today was mostly a day of Pokemon. Our nephew called us for the first time in weeks! We were happy to be remembered. ...Come to think of it, our sister (his aunt, not his mom) called us, too... I guess there's just something about today that reminded our family of us.

Anyway, we were planning on mostly playing Pokemon today anyway, because the International Challenge is still going on! We were hoping to end that on a high note, but we lost our last few matches. We did still win a lot more than last time, though, so it all works out.

As for playing with our nephew, it was fun as usual, but oh my goodness is he obsessed with finding a shiny Gyarados. We'd been reading some tips for playing at the official Pokemon website, and they had tips for increasing your odds of finding shinies. We told Grawp we'd learned how to make it a little easier to find shinies, and when his attention finally got back to that question (there's usually a lot of stuff going on at once), we made the mistake of not first telling him that you get an item that increases your odds when you complete your Pokedex. So we told him, "Basically, you have to fight a lot of the same Pokemon." And off he went to fight Magikarp...forever.

He called us twice later in the day, and he was still fighting Magikarps. It was really very cute. But we did also try to tell him that you have to fill up your Pokedex, and it helped for a little while. We gave him a Lunatone and an Oranguru, and we finally got ourselves a Farfetch'd. We had more Shield-exclusive Pokemon to give him, but he was so set on fighting Magikarps. But in his defense, he did check his Pokedex to see where he could catch us a Sword-exclusive Pokemon, but it had to be raining or something in that area, and it wasn't, so he went back to his Magikarp quest. If we ever magically happen upon a shiny Magikarp or Gyarados, we're going to have to call him immediately and trade it to him. But I think we'll make him catch a Rufflet first. (That's the other part of the problem, which is entirely our own fault--he mostly has the highest evolutions, and we want the lowest ones. I know we can just breed them to get the baby Pokemon, but we really just prefer not to.)

...And we just found the Census mailing that we got in the mail to tell us our census code. Like, right now, as I was typing this. It's funny because we answered the census earlier today, but we couldn't find the mailing, so we said we didn't have a code. And now here it is, right here on the desk next to my hand. I just can't even.

Today I'm thankful for finding out there was a rainbow last night, getting to play Pokemon with Grawp, finally having a Farfetch'd, not being utterly destroyed in the International Challenge, and also having a lovely chat with our sister and her kids. That was pretty funny, too. Her kids asked her to make it a video call, so she did, and every so often, the two-year-old would get a hold of the phone and just run around the house with it. The first time it happened, it was like he was deliberately giving me a tour of their house, which was nice. The second time, he just grabbed the phone and ran. Ah, kids.
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