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We are the Pokemon Masters! We only lost two-thirds of our battles this time! Woohoo!!

I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but there's another Pokemon International Challenge going on. We were better prepared for this one, although not by much, because we found out about it with only a few days to get ready. But after going through it before, we had a better idea of what to expect, and what kind of strategies to use. So, as I said above, we only lost two-thirds of our battles! It's much less soul-crushing. Not that it was exactly soul-crushing before, just that it because pretty obvious early on that winning wasn't quite going to be a thing, so we decided we had other priorities.

As for those went pretty well today! And we watched another episode of Beastars, which continues to be pretty "Wha...?" It's weird, because I feel like nothing happens in each episode, but that's not really true at all. The important thing is that Jack was in the second episode, and he's the character played by Benjamin Bollen in the French dub. But they never called him by name, so we didn't know until we saw the credits. In the Japanese version, he's played by the same guy who plays Ah-chan in the Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight CD drama! And when we went to confirm that information, we learned that he also plays Mizuchi's boyfriend in Beastars, and Mizuchi is the character played (in the French dub) by the voice of Ladybug, so now we're going to have to check if this boyfriend has the same double-cast in the French dub.

Anyway. That's a bunch of convoluted voice actor obsession. Sorry about that. We lost track of time with the Pokemon tournament, so now we're up a little late and we need to get to sleep.

Today I'm thankful for being better prepared for the Pokemon challenge, actually managing to win a few battles, finishing our work quota for the day, still getting to watch an episode of Miraculous, and warm pajamas.
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