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We were fully intending on getting a decent amount of work done today. But we hadn't been working for fifteen minutes when Gaston called. Actually, we were a little surprised that we hadn't heard from him sooner, since it became clear pretty early on in this whole quarantine thing that extroverts can't handle being cooped up without talking to other people for very long. Turns out, even though Alice is still working through this, she caught a cold a little while ago and was told to stay home for two weeks as a precaution.

Today was her first day back at work, and I guess Gaston got bored. We didn't bother excusing ourselves because...well, frankly because we're still at a point in our lives where we'd rather do many other things than work, and we justified it by saying that preventing our extrovert friends from losing their minds is an important and valid service. So we ended up being on the phone for like three hours. It was nice catching up, anyway.

By the time we hung up, we were like, "There is no way we're getting any work done on Fire Force today," so we finished the simulpub chapter we had started and we called it a day. And then we watched the penultimate episode of Locke & Key (until the next season, of course), and oh my goodness the people in that show make bad, bad decisions. I was hoping once they got over leaving Bode out of everything, he would have a little bit more sense, but it was not to be. Well, we'll see how it all plays out...whenever we get around to watching the last episode.

Today I'm thankful for a chance to catch up with friends, technology that helps us spend time with people even when we're cooped up inside, managing to finish our simulpub chapter anyway, being that much closer to at least reaching a partial conclusion on Locke & Key, and getting to watch three episodes of Miraculous.
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