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Conference Saturday

Today was a day of General Conference. There were three sessions for everybody today, so it was a lot of church. But it was good. Our favorite talk was Elder Renlund's. It was basically a talk on gratitude, but Elder Renlund has a way of giving talks on basic principles without saying what that principle is. So the main message was to remember all the amazing things that God has done for you...which basically amounts to gratitude. I guess I like talks on gratitude because it's a principle I don't feel like I'm failing at, but that I could always stand to do better at. So when there's a talk that says, "Be grateful!" then I'm like, "Oh yeah, I should do that more!"

I'm a big fan of gratitude, too. I know how easy it is to focus on the negative things, because it's a habit I still haven't shaken, but I also know how much happier I am in general when I spend more time thinking about things that make me happy. And I think that it's important to realize that there are plenty of good things in life, because ignoring those in favor of focusing on the bad stuff is like being at Disneyland and refusing to have a good time. ...which is something I may have done on more than one occasion... I mean, I didn't refuse to have a good time, but I wasn't actively trying not to have a bad time. The point is, it's silly.

We also got a text message from one of our choir members saying that seeing the Tabernacle Choir at Conference made her miss our choir, and we were like, "Awwwww♥" So now we're like, "I wonder if we could have, like, a Google Hangouts choir or something..." It would probably be more of an ensemble. The one choir member who texted us, her husband, her friend who teamed up with her to ask us to start choir back up again, and the one tenor in the ward. But we haven't thought about it very much, because...well, because we had a lot of Conference still to watch. And I'm not sure how feasible it will be to actually do it with our schedule being what it is. But we won't rule it out!

Today I'm thankful for another great Conference Saturday, knowing that somebody doesn't hate being in the choir, reminders to focus on the good things, the adorable youth speakers at the evening session, and Page joining us for all the sessions (well, the second half of the first two).
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