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We're saved! A little!

Our schedule is saved! Mostly. We woke up to an email telling us the bizarro world manga is on hold. And of course our first thought was, "Back to bed?" But no, we'd already gotten out of bed, so by then it was too late to try to get more sleep. Nevertheless, we do have a little more flexibility for the Fire Force translation we're working on, so it was nice to have a little less pressure. But not too much less pressure, because we got two new assignments instead. But the pressure is still less, because, unless either of those titles pulls what the on-hold one did, they're both historically less time-consuming.

So we took it a little easy today, but as is typical of Fridays, we're feeling sleepier anyway. And we'll be getting up earlier than usual (for a Saturday) tomorrow, because it's General Conference! Woohoo! At the last conference, they said this one is going to be one we'd never forget, and boy are they already right. I'm looking forward to it. And I am also looking forward to sleep.

Today I'm thankful for being relieved of some of the pressure of our schedule, making okay progress on work, finding out about the upcoming Pokemon online tournament before it was too late to sign up, finding out that it is possible to pre-order that figure we're interested in (if only we had the money...), and General Conference starting tomorrow!
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