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Today we got to do a test! A translation test! ...And it was pretty much like our regular job, only I'm pretty sure there's already an English version of what we translated in print and on sale. It was kind of neat, though. In all our years translating, I think this was actually the first time we've ever taken a manga translation test. We've done a video game translation test and an anime translation test, and those two tests were pretty much the same as each other. It seems pretty obvious now that I think of it, but a manga translation test really is just, "Here, do the work and we'll see if it turns out."

It was kind of fun doing it from the perspective of a "seasoned veteran," because we were able to look at everything in the selection and be like, "Yep, that's why they chose these pages." Tricky chapter titles, nonstandard speech patterns, narration, an unusual but repeated exclamation. All kinds of things to test a translator's chops. We just had our usual fun with it, and we'll see how it turns out.

The test took more time than we wanted it to, so we were a little behind when we finally got to work on Fire Force. But the volume we're on is pretty actiony, so we made good progress on that, too! Hopefully we can still finish our first draft tomorrow, after working on the usual simulpubs.

Today I'm thankful for getting the interesting experience of taking a manga translation test, getting to do some fun chapters of Fire Force, having a nice chat with Mom and Steve on the phone, the yummy ice cream we had for dinner, and getting to watch Cat Blanc again today.
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