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Case of the Mondays

Today is a day when we realize we did not get nearly enough sleep over the weekend. I mean, sure we slept pretty late on Saturday and Sunday, but we also stayed up pretty late on Friday and Saturday. As a result, we are very sleepy today. We did manage to finish our second draft of Hanako-kun, though!

Oh! And we had to do the extras for Edens Zero volume eight! We were supposed to turn them in last week, so when we got an email from our editor this morning about it, we went into a bit of a panic. And they took about an hour to do, so that set us back more than we'd like. But the more important thing is that for that volume, Mashima-sensei's afterword talked about how the manga artist and assistant lifestyle was to basically be working nonstop for four days a week, and how that isn't really acceptable anymore. I'm really glad that he mentioned it, because hearing other translators talk (and based on our own experience), it seems like the previous nonstop work lifestyle has made its way into the manga translation industry, and we've been thinking about addressing it. That afterword helps me feel like we won't be blacklisted as a result, so it's encouraging.

Now if we could just get to a point where we feel like we have the energy to do little side projects...

Today I'm thankful for getting our late work in without too much trouble, not being delayed too much in our other work as a result, Hanako-kun once again being kind to us, managing to turn the TV off before too late, and getting to watch three episodes of Miraculous first.
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