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They're being difficult.

Today was...kind of a repeat of yesterday, in that we got less work done than maybe we should have, but we decided to call it quits anyway. There was even a phone call from the same sister!

The thing is, we had simulpub chapters to work on today--two different series, and they both turned out to be harder than usual. They're both titles that tend to go by pretty quick, so we figured we'd just crank 'em out and get back to Hatsu*Haru, but not this time. And neither of them was especially harder than usual, just harder enough to cause trouble, especially because we ended up getting a slow start on each of them.

I don't really have much else to report on. We listened to the Omnibus episode about the 1904 Olympic marathon, and yikes, that sounds terrifying. I suggest you look it up!

Today I'm thankful for at least managing to finish those simulpubs, getting to watch three episodes of Miraculous including Chat Blanc, still not being in too much danger of missing our deadline for Hatsu*Haru, getting to work on the elusive simulpub (we never have any idea when a chapter will come in), and finally finding the right spot to do the research we needed for it.
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