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Just a little bit of slacking

We decided to be just a little bit irresponsible today, but we're going to blame our sister for it. She called us when we still had about half an hour to an hour left in our usual work day, and instead of making up for that lost time when we got off the phone, we decided to watch an episode of Locke & Key. It actually wouldn't have been a problem at all, except that we also got an email about a translation that needs to be added to our schedule and finished ASAP. But we think it's still okay, because! even though that email raised our work quota for the day, we only juuuuust barely didn't make it. And that means, we came thiiiiis close to making it despite slacking!

Anyway. The phone call was nice. Our sister's been making YouTube videos with her kids, because they've been watching YouTube from a young age and have all (except probably the two-year-old, but he just goes with the flow) expressed a desire to be influencers. ...I mean, not influencers, per se, because that would be absolutely awful, but they want to make fun videos, and let's face it, who doesn't? So since they're all stuck at home figuring out how to pass the time, they've been making videos. The videos have had us a little concerned, because two out of three of them involve harassing their pet tortoise. It is a large animal, and even the six-year-old is still riding it. In the second video, the tortoise played the role of Bowser in the Super Mario reenactment, and they...kind of...kicked him.

So we were really worried about the well-being of this tortoise, because that shell looks sturdy, but you never know! Well, today we found out that when the tortoise has really had it, he will roar and start charging them, to which I say, "Bravo, Tortoise! You stand up for yourself!" And in the meantime, we will suggest alternative ways to include you as Bowser that don't involve actually touching you in any way.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely chat with our sister, also having a nice chat with our mother, having almost evolved all of the Pokemon we've caught so far, getting to work on the next volume of Hanako-kun, and getting to watch three episodes of Miraculous today.
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