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Back to the grindstone

It's back to the same old routine of working all day. ...I sure hope that doesn't get to be a common routine again. Ideally we'll finish this current translation by the end of the day tomorrow, and then our next assignment shouldn't be as time-consuming. And today a lot of our time got taken up with fruitless attempts at research. We can never predict when that might strike. We're really hoping it doesn't strike tomorrow.

On the bright side, Grawp called, so we were obligated to play Pokemon for a little while. But apparently even he is being restricted on his game time, because it really was a very little while. (Part of it is that his brother's turn came up, but it used to be he'd get more time before that happened.) Nevertheless, we got to evolve Shelmet and Karrablast. And! since we told Mom how to breed starters, she told Grawp, and Grawp told us again, but the point is, he got us a Skorbunny egg. Or a Ditto egg. We don't know, because we didn't have time to hatch it! And we got him a Grookey egg. Or a Ditto egg. For the same reason.

We did stubbornly stay up to watch three episodes of Miraculous. The season three finale isn't hurting us as much anymore, but it still makes us eager to see more!

Also apparently our whole state is on lockdown. We haven't looked into it so we don't know if that's true or what it entails if it is. We assume it will be pretty much the same for us either way. It's kind of infuriating, though, because people are talking like those who aren't scared need to be more scared, and I'm just like, "Hey! I can be a good citizen and stay inside without being scared!" I don't like the idea of motivating people with fear. Or force. And that's why the idea of a lockdown makes me grumpy. ...Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for managing to meet our work quota today, getting to play Pokemon with Grawp, our short time playing the game being pretty productive, all the little details that make the Miraculous season three finale more hopeful than hurtful, and Page being super cute in her heated cat bed.
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