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The good news is that Kodansha announced some new print licenses today, and one of the licenses announced was Codename Sailor V! So now we can tell everybody what we've been working on this week that's been taking all our free time!

...Okay, so it hasn't just been Sailor V taking our free time. Today we had to do laundry. It's our own fault, because we knew it was going to need to be done, so we were (sort of) planning to do it on Saturday, but then the grocery store madness happened, and we were like, "Forget it! No more responsibilities!" ...Oh yeah, I already talked about that. But the point is, because of our procrastination, now we're struggling to meet our work quota on Sailor V and fit in extra chores like laundry. It was just bad timing, that's all. And the good news is that we're actually not very far behind on Sailor V, so we're still on track to meet our deadline! The biggest problem is that the Umino character plays a bigger role in this series, and that means we have to look up more ancient technology, because he was into stuff that we didn't care about back then.

Other than that...we watched Miraculous, but you all knew that.

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate Sailor V, getting to talk about translating Sailor V, having our laundry done, yodeling, and being on track to meet our deadline without too much overwork.
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