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First week with no church

Well, today was the first day of canceled church. We took advantage of that to sleep in, which is a little sad, because our ward meets at eleven this year. There was a time when we only needed to sleep until nine-thirty on Saturdays and we would be fine, but lately we've been sleeping until ten or ten-thirty, and today was no exception. I don't know if we did something to wear ourselves out that we'll be able to get over...or if we're just staying up too late talking these days or something. If it's the former, then a couple of weekends of extra sleep should help, right? But if it's the latter, that's going to take a lifestyle change.

Anyway. We did our Come Follow Me studies like usual, and we played some hymns! We got a couple of music books designed to be used together--one of hymn melodies to be played on a C instrument like the violin or the tin whistle, and the other of accompaniment to be played on the piano. The books seem to be designed for kids and teenagers, so the arrangements are very simple, but we're not used to playing as an ensemble, so that's perfect for us! And we like to think that once we've gotten enough practice, we'll be able to embellish it however we want. We'll see how that goes.

We have an idea to make short videos to post of Facebook, so the parents of kids in our Primary can show them to their kids for a substitute Singing Time, but we only discussed it yesterday, and that was too sudden for us. So we're treating today as a kind of sick day, and maybe we'll do it next week, but we'll see. It's kind of intimidating to post something like that on Facebook for all to see.

Today I'm thankful for getting some extra sleep, having a church home-study program already in place, having new music to play with, the Dove truffles we finally got around to trying today, and having a nice relaxing day today.
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