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With schools and churches and Disneylands all closing because of the coronavirus, we sometimes get caught up in this idea that we'll have a bunch of time to just relax at home and watch all the shows and read all the books and manga that we've been putting off because we don't have that much free time and we want to spend it all on Pokemon and Miraculous. (Also that we'd have time to just spend forever leveling up Pokemon.) Then we remember that we work at home and our deadlines are still in effect, so most of the closures don't affect us at all.

But then! we got a phone call that reminded us that the closures may indeed have a significant effect on our free time. It was our nephew, who had gotten out of school early today. If his school closes (we're actually pretty sure it's a "when" at this point, but they haven't announced anything yet), there's a chance we'll be interrupted on a daily basis. And you know, it's really not such a bad thing to have to put things on hold to play Pokemon with our nephew, but it does make it a little bit harder to schedule things. We like to do things in a certain order, and that order will be disrupted. But I mean...we were going to use our free time to play Pokemon anyway, so we're really just doing it at a different time. I guess the only reason I'm worried about it is that we still haven't gone to the sixth gym, and talking to the boy sometimes makes me worry that he'll disown us unless we do it before too long. On the other hand, he hasn't disowned us yet, and we've been putting off going to that gym for weeks.

Really, I'm just impatient to get ALL the Pokemon, and I'm annoyed that while all these other people are getting more free time, we still have to do all our work. It's a good thing, though, because we do still need to earn money, and because of the way our job works, we can! So I just need to have a better attitude.

Today I'm thankful for being able to keep earning money, getting to play Pokemon with our nephew today, getting another translation turned in, getting to work on a super fun series today, and managing to get Miraculous watched before the noise curfew.
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