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All the pandemic scares we've had over the years, and now one is actually affecting our lives. I mean, when they first started talking about the novel coronavirus, at first I was a little worried, and then I was like, "Eh, we never go outside anyway; we'll never be exposed!" and very soon thereafter, I thought, "Except when we do go outside, we go to a major tourist destination..." There was a measles outbreak from Disneyland a few years back and everything.

But then I thought it's okay, just be brave and be careful and everything will be fine. With the swine flu, we had a bunch of medical-type people saying just wash your hands frequently and you'll be fine. We do wash our hands pretty frequently, so we figured we were in good shape. And then we heard about the symptoms of this coronavirus, and how the mortality rate is only really high among the elderly and immuno-compromised, and of course for those people's sakes we knew we'd want to be careful, but we still rarely talk to anybody, so we weren't too worried.

I already mentioned we never leave the house except to go to Disneyland. Well, they just announced today that Disneyland will be closing through the end of March. Our other reason to leave the house is to go to church, and guess what! They canceled that, too! Everyone is being very careful, I guess. The letter from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve even said that bishops should make sure members can still partake of the sacrament at least once a month. Once a month! It makes us wonder how long this thing could go on.

Gaston says that we're about 50 days behind China as far as outbreak progression, and China is finally starting to see the diagnoses taper off, so maybe in about 50 days life can go back to normal. I mean, it's really not that abnormal for us, since we'll still be holed up in our apartment, plugging away at manga and Pokemon as usual, but it will be weird not to go to church. Our birthday is 49 days away. The end of a pandemic would be a good present. On the other hand, then Athena would be responsible for Singing Time again...but we'd probably just have a fun one, since the kids would be bouncing off the walls after being back at church in so long.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota today, getting to talk to our sister on the phone (she and her husband are making plans to go to Japan, which makes us pretty jealous, but they're not planning to go for two years, so we have plenty of time to get in a visit or two before them (it's not a contest)), the lovely rainy weather, the outside cats not seeming too put out by the rainy weather, and having exciting things to work on tomorrow.
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