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"It's just a mouthful of joy!"

Last night our home teacher called and asked if he could come over, right as I was finishing up the LJ entry I was writing. I think we've gotten way too jumpy lately, because for some reason it made me nervous. Knowing our home teacher, really it could only have been a good reason that he was coming over, and it was! He finally remembered that he said he would bring us food. It seemed like he had raided his mother's pantry or something, but since he brought two new gallons of milk and a box of Honey Bunches of Oats, we're more than happy. It's just so nice to be able to eat cereal again.

This morning I called the Nova Group about rescheduling, and the lady on the other end was very nice and very chipper. We set the alarm for eight to make sure I called before the interview was scheduled to start, and I realized just how early eight o'clock is. I was amazed someone could be so chipper so early in the morning. Thinking about it, though, some people have been awake for three hours by eight o'clock, so really I'm just a lazy bum. Anyway, there was no problem with cancelling our appointment, and there would have been no problem with rescheduling, except that they don't have any openings next Friday, so we have to call our home teacher and see which of the three dates she gave me he can make it on. I was planning to do that after we checked the mail, because if we get a check, we can also ask him to take us to the bank, and then maybe to the grocery store.

Also, we finished watching the second disc of Twelve Kingdoms. We decided to Netflix it, because some of our favorite less famous voice actors seem to pop up in it whenever we're looking to see what else they're in. Also, people seem to keep mentioning it on LJ. It's generally our policy to watch at least three episodes of a series before passing judgment on it (whether or not to keep watching it), and to be honest, I don't know if we would have kept up with this one after three normally. We had a hard time putting up with Youko and Yuka's attitudes, and the only one who seemed to have any sense was Asano, and nobody listened to him, so it was irksome.

But since so many people seem to like it, and we already had volume 2 in our queue, we figured we should watch more to see if it picked up, and now we're glad we did. Youko got a lot better, and we got more interested in the plot. I don't think either of us will ever stop thinking that Rakushun looks like an old woman, though.

It was kind of funny when Youko first met the rat guy, and she's all like, "He's just a rat!" And we're all like, "Yuki! How could you!" (Since Youko and Yuki are both played by Aya Hisakawa.) And then they were traveling together and we were amused because, voice-actor-wise, it was Yuki and Kakeru traveling together. Ah, I guess you had to be there.

So yeah. Sometimes three episodes isn't enough. But in the interest of saving hard drive space, we may keep that rule for a while.

EDIT: Just thought we'd make sure those who weren't aware and care are aware that there will be a new Danny Phantom tonight!
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